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Look at my nails omfg

How did you take that photo?!?


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I shit you not these walls are so thin I can hear my neighbor retching into the toilet this morning from the parties last night 

I don’t think my favorite hideaway coffeeshop is open today. Aw. Well, happy Labor Day to them. 

I guess this means…ugh…Starbucks… 

fyealucyliu edits: Idris Elba & Lucy at the August 25, 2014 Emmys afterparty
fyealucyliu edits: Idris Elba & Lucy at the August 25, 2014 Emmys afterparty

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under the skin


Five Text Checkers for Tumblr Posts: 

    Copy your Tumblr post title or headline. Paste it into this site to automatically initial cap and lowercase words for titles.

    Hemingway finds hard-to-read sentences and complex words, highlights passive voice and tracks your adverbs. Copy your text. Go to Hemingway and highlight the gray sample text on the site. Paste your writing into Hemingway, and see how readable your text is.

    Want more detail about readability? Go to and click the “Test by Direct Input” tab. Copy and paste your writing into the text box. Submit your text to see six measures of readability, word count and other text stats.

    Find potentially overused words in your Tumblr post. Use for a ranked list of your most used words.

    Check your writing for spelling errors, style issues and grammar problems. Part of “After the Deadline,” this tool does not speak Tumblr.

What you’re really saying when you’re against self diagnosis:


1. Everyone should be assumed neurotypical and should be forced to act neurotypical, until proven otherwise.

2. Everyone who has been unable to get diagnosed for any reason should suffer in silence.

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"[She was] the sort of girlfriend God gives you young, so you’ll know loss for the rest of your life."


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Look, an ACTUAL Junot Diaz quote! I need to reread this book. 

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Every time Bob Belcher says “oh my god”

literally me rn im creying

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im sorry to be so dumb but whats going on in pakistan? what are they protesting??



What’s going on: Protests, basically. It started off as a long march called the Azadi or Freedom march by PTI led by Imran Khan an opposition party in the parliament and the Inqalaab or Revolution march by PAT led by Tahir-ul-Qadri, a non entity in the parliament but someone who can pull crowds to himself. The march went from Lahore to Islamabad, the Pakistani capital, where they gave (and are still giving) a dharna, which I think is a sit in in English. These were all peaceful protests and the sit in was peaceful until yesterday, when the protesters started going toward the prime minister house after failed negotiations (and a lot more) and well, they weren’t allowed to go far because the police went in with tear gas, rubber bullets, and also in one instance, actual bullets. This has resulted in about upwards of 200 injuries and 7 people dead, 2 are critical, obviously again these are premature numbers and there’s likely to be a lot more.

Now, WHY: Simply, the march happened because of allegations of rigging in the general election of 2013 that led to Nawaz Sharif, head of the PML-N to come to power. The Lahore Incident, which is linked here (, read up. Generally, also non responsiveness to valid rigging allegations, and no sign of opening up areas where these allegations exist. A lot more.

This is a very, very basic thing. I skipped military intervention in talks, the sit in was on going for two weeks, a lot more basis for the march, the entry into the Red Zone, more events. You can google and keep up with this and ask me more questions if you’re still confused. This is also an on going situation.

If I messed up something tell me I’ll fix it. Add more to this if you want.

some good sources to keep up with pakistan:

if someone wants to add on more sources that would be great!!! I’ll add more as I find sources that seem unbiased


@WorstMuse is a relic of the human race

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


1. Don’t listen to the voice inside your head that tells you that you are inadequate.
2. Don’t hang out with people who look for the flaws and can’t see the best in the people in their lives.
3. Recognise that each person is different and unique. There is no-one like you - and you have great attributes.
4. Take note of your efforts, and the progress you have made. You’ve already come far. You should celebrate that!
5. Appreciate others, and what you gain from them. Don’t see them as people who undermine you.
6. Remember that NO-ONE is perfect at all - and that other people struggle with the same stuff as well.
7. Go after what matters the most in this life: being loyal, and thoughtful, and caring, and kind.